Mainstay and Williams turn recruitment strategy on its head to find top talent!

Mainstay and Williams turn recruitment strategy on its head to find top talent!

Posted by Stuart Prior

Property Management Company Mainstay is on a mission to continue its rapid growth over the next five years. The executive team have placed customer service firmly at the heart of Mainstay’s strategy and know that if they are to be successful, they need to be hiring great people who support the strategy and have the right skills and values.

In an effort to reduce the risk of making costly recruitment errors, Mainstay has engaged with Midlands-based firm Williams – the people experts. Williams have worked with Mainstay to develop a bespoke, efficient recruitment process that allows the management team to identify and assess the key behaviours they are looking for.

The process has already proved to be a great success and great people are being recruited into the organisation.

“The people experts gave us the tools we needed to really get under the skin of the people we were interviewing. Some of their techniques were innovative and we were initially sceptical but, having gone through the process several times, the value is clear and now we wouldn’t recruit any other way.” said Paul Crook, Mainstay’s Managing Director.

Adam Laidler, Director at Williams – the people experts, is clear, “an ineffective recruitment process usually leads to ineffective hiring decisions. It’s important to ensure every part of the process adds value and that you are certain on what you expect to see from an ideal candidate. Once you know this, you can set about developing a process that allows candidates to demonstrate their skills to you in a more natural way. A simple question and answer interview won’t help you find ‘A Players’.”

Now that Mainstay have a system in place for finding great people, it means they can turn their attention to winning more business and building upon their commitment to being the most customer focused Property Management Company in the UK.


Mainstay are an award winning national property and facilities company with 35,000 units in management for developers, investors, and residents, operating in the residential, student, retirement and commercial sectors.

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Williams – the people experts are a people consultancy based in Worcester who has developed a number of systems and processes that help businesses get more from their people. Incorporated in 2007, the consultancy employs experts in selection and assessment, HR advice and management development.

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